About Friwo GmbH LED Drivers & Power Supplies

FRIWO GmbH The FRIWO brand has become a symbol for innovative power, security and efficiency in the area of power supplies and charging technology worldwide.

Their reputation and success hasn’t been by accident, it is due to the successful combination of 40 years’ experience and technical know-how which has helped the design of tailored power solutions right from proof of concept to volume production for all important markets.

FRIWO stands for the highest level of customer proximity, service, flexibility and competitiveness which are all important factors in attaining their clearly defined goal: Market Leadership.

Innovative power is a decisive factor for FRIWO as is the quality and performance of their power supply units and chargers and the compliance with all environmental and safety-related requirements.

FRIWOs product development plan is constantly shaped by the newest technological developments and oriented towards the individual requirements of the markets and their customers.

Leader in LED Power Supplies

Whilst having an extensive range of standard products covering Industrial and Medical Power Supplies, Flush mounting power supplies and LED Drivers, FRIWO have had significant success in helping customers develop specific power supply solutions.

Through continuous development, innovative design and technical know-how, FRIWO is seen as a reliable and experienced partner around the globe for the production of power supply units for a range of different requirements.

FRIWO is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, DIN EN ISO 14001:2009 and ISO/TS 16949 and has the latest technical equipment and most modern manufacturing standards.

By relying on FRIWO and their partners you can reduce the risk to your business and your reputation.

FRIWO LED Drivers from RS Components