Presenting DIMMbox

DIMMBox is FRIWOs unique dimming solution which provides a single unit, cost effective and highly efficient solution for PWM dimming using

  • DALI
  • Analog 1-10V
  • Switch Dim

Whilst specifically designed to be used with FRIWOs range of Constant Current and Constant Voltage LED drivers it can be used in CV mode to dim in tandem with certain 3rd party LED drivers as well.



  • Input  15-48 VDC / 0-5 A
  • Output 15-48 VDC / 0-5 A
  • PWM 600 Hz
  • DALI: according to DALI-Protocol
  • Switch Dim: 230VAC
  • Analog: 1-10V
  • Ambient Temperature Range: -20C - 45C
  • Low Leakage Current < 100microA
  • Lifetime at 35C 100k hours.
  • Weight 57g
  • Dimensions H 21mm x W 30mm x L 153mm
  • Standby Consumption with FRIWO LED Driver
    LT10 - 400mW
    LT20 - 500mW
    LT40 - 750mW
    LT60 - 700mW
    LT100 - 700mW

Take a look at our DIMMbox Family of LED Drivers

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