LED Drivers - In-House Customisation and Bespoke Solutions

LED Drivers - In-house Factory Customisation and Bespoke Solutions

Do you have a specific LED driver specification or requirement and can’t find what you are looking for?


FRIWO GmbH is a leading German, design led engineering manufacturer whose success has been centred on delivering quality; highly efficient and innovative solutions.

Friwo focuses on platform power supplies for lighting; medical devices; industrial applications and domestic appliances where there is a need for high power; high efficiency and a great form factor.

With in-house design teams and production capacity FRIWO are well placed to provide solutions to meet a variety of customer needs or requirements.

Continuous enhancement of sophisticated products, innovative design and technical expertise make FRIWO a reliable and experienced partner.

Friwo continues to meet and exceed all the statutory and environmental requirements and embrace many that aren’t yet mandatory.


From tweaking existing products; to meeting specific customer needs or in developing a fully bespoke solution for specific applications and markets then FRIWO may be able to help.

The range of additional services includes (but not exhaustive):

  • Factory laser trimming of existing devices to meet customer specific requirements (current and voltages).
  • LED drivers can be supplied Open Frame for putting in own casing( saving space and money).
  • In house printing of customer specific branding on existing devices.
  • Drivers can be supplied pre cabled with customer specified cable/wiring.
  • Bespoke design and production of products for general release.
  • Bespoke design and production of products for sole use.


Based in Yorkshire we have been working in partnership with FRIWO for almost 30 years and have successfully aided the design and manufacture of a wide range of products in a raft of applications and industries.

If you would like to discuss further how we can help you then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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