DimmBox Family

Presenting DIMMBox FRIWOs Flexible LED Dimming Solution

DIMMBox is FRIWOs unique dimming solution which provides a single unit, cost effective and highly efficient solution for PWM dimming. With a switching frequency of 600Hz it provides ”non-flicker” dimming from a variety of inputs - DALI; 1-10V Analog and Switch Dim/Push Dim.

Whilst specifically designed to be used with FRIWOs range of Constant Current and Constant Voltage LED drivers it can be used in to dim in tandem with certain 3rd party LED drivers as well.

DIMMBox now comes in four variants each offering extra features and so can provide a variety of potential solutions to help meet your specific needs.

  • DIMMBox Standard (1894848) - standard DIMMbox providing DALI; 1-10A and SWD dimming down to about 10%. Can potentially be used with 3rd party LED drivers.
  • DIMMBox 1-10 (1896084) - individual unit can be put into a sleep mode rather than turning the whole lighting system off.
  • DIMMBox CV (1897004) - can dim down to 0.1% when used in Constant Voltage applications.
  • LS12-100-DPA (1895885) - a great solution for light control systems. An extended 1-10V interface serves for the output whilst the device can take inputs from DALI; SWD/Push Dim; a PWM signal or 1-10V dimmer. The device can control up to 100LT drivers that have the 1-10V pin.

If you require further information please check our website or give me a call.

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