Introducing FRIWOs LT60-42/1400

LT60 1400 DPA The LT60-42/1400 is a Constant Current LED driver controllable by DALI; Switch Dim and 1-10V Analogue signal.

The LED current can be manually selected by PRE - DIM dip switch in 16 steps which enables you to reduce the maximum output power and can compensate for the ageing effects on the LED.

This gives you a great degree of flexibility with the one device offering solutions for a wide range of applications and needs.

Key Features

  • 16 manual settings - 350mA/14.7W - 1.7mA/61.2W.
  • Active PFC > 0.98.
  • Efficiency - 86%.
  • LED temperature can be monitored via an NTC.
  • Settings are scanned constantly so the current can be adjusted whilst the driver is operating.
  • Compact size (L170mm x W100mm x H30mm).
  • IP20; Class 2 protection; SELV equivalent; EN61347-1; EN61347-3-13; EN62384.
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany.
  • Supported and stocked in the U.K.

Datasheets can be downloaded here or you can give me call.

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