LED Drivers - Made in Germany - Dimmable Power in Small Housings

Dimmable power in small housings

LED Drivers We can provide reliable LED drivers for the smallest of designs: serviced by FRIWOs LT LED Drivers and with a power range of 10-100W from the standard range of drivers we have available. With an extremely compact cross-section of just 30x21mm (drivers with an output of 10 to 60W) as well as 30x24mm (80W and 100W output), the drivers can be integrated in a very narrow lamp profile.

For dimming, FRIWO offers solutions with a small cross-section of 30x21mm. Depending on the operating mode of the LED Driver, either constant current (CC) or constant voltage (CV), the standard ramge of drivers offers two different solutions: In CC mode, the drivers can be operated at the same time as the light control box LS12/100 DPA (linear current control). For CV mode, the DIMMbox LED Driver (PWM dimming) is recommended. Both systems can be controlled by DALI, switch-dim and 1-10V.

In accordance with EN61000-3-2, all LED drivers with a power greater than 25W come with a power factor correction (PFC), which adjusts the units to a power factor of at least 0.95. All LED drivers of the FRIWO portfolio meet the safety requirements of EN61347-1 and EN61347-2-13 and they are also protected against overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit.

Due to the simple installation of the optional protective cap the units meet the requirements of safety class IP20. For the use in damp environments three potted voltage alternatives of the LED Driver LT40 (40W) are available with a safety class of IP67.

All of this is in accordance with the quality standard "Made in Germany".

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