Energy conservation by dimmed LED lighting

Energy conservation is still a desirable objective

LED Dimming

Energy conservation in the lighting sector is still a very desirable objective. For example, an adequate means for implementation of energy conservation is the adjustment of the illumination intensity in accordance with the circumstances that the LED light is used. For instance, the LED lighting could be dimmed during the day when the sun is shining or have its intensity increased when it starts to get darker.

The FRIWO DIMMboxes or Light Control Box offer technically advanced solutions in a slim design of 21 x 30 x 153 mm (H x B x L). The DIMMboxes allow flicker-free dimming both in constant-current mode (CC) as well as in constant mode (CV) by a pulse width modulation (PWM) with a frequency of 600 Hz. With the Light Control Box, designed for CC mode, lighting control is effected by linear lowering of the output current. Both systems offer a control via DALI/PUSH-DIM or 1 - 10 V signal. The Light Control Box also comes with a PWM input for the connection of external sensors like motion or brightness sensors. An auxiliary voltage of 12 V for the sensors is also provided.

Optimize your LED lighting with FRIWO´s DIMMboxes or Light Control Box and save energy.

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