LS12/100 DPA

The light control is a converter for light control signals. An extended 1-10V interface serves as output. For input DALI, PUSH-DIM, a PWM signal or a 1-10V dimmer can be chosen.

The output is synchronised with the FRIWO LED drivers and their integrated 1-10V interface.

Standard units will be delivered with the highest output voltage / output current.

LS12/100 DPA Features

  • Made in Germany
  • Output dimmable with DALI, SwitchDim and 1-10 V
  • Suitable for connection to all FRIWO LT drivers with CTRL input
  • Fastening by Screws, Rivets, Cable Straps or Clips
  • Variably adjustable Strain Relief
  • Applicable in smallest Profiles: 21x30 mm in Cross Section
  • Protective Caps for Furniture Applications
  • Minimal Output Tolerances via Laser Trimming
  • 100% Functional & 3,75 kV High Voltage Tests

LS12/100 DPA Characteristics

  • Input: 1 - 10 VDC / 0 - 100mA
  • Output: 15 - 48 VDC / 0 - 5 A PWM 600 Hz moduliert
  • DALI: According to DALI-Protocol
  • SwitchDim: 230 VAC
  • Analog: 1 - 10 V
  • Ambient Temperature Range: -20 to 45°C
  • Low Leakage Current: ≤ 250µA
  • Lifetime at ta35°C: 100.000 Hours
  • Weight: 61 g
  • Over Temperature Protection

LS12/100 DPA Approvals




CEC Level V EUP 2 Bin Approval RoHS

LS12/100 DPA Compliance

Low Voltage

  • EN61347-1
  • EN61347-2-13


  • EN55015
  • EN61547
  • EN61000-3-2
  • EN62384

Model: LS12-100DPA
Part Number: 1895885

Provides a great solution for light control systems. An extended 1-10V interface serves for the output whilst the device can take inputs from DALI; SWD/Push Dim; a PWM signal or 1-10V dimmer. The device can control up to 100LT drivers that have the 1-10V pin.

Output Detail

* Output Voltage Tolerance: ±5%

** Output Current Tolerance: ±5%

FRIWO LED Drivers from RS Components

LS12/100 DPA
LS12/100 DPA

FRIWO LED Drivers from RS Components

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