LT60 60W LED Drivers

FRIWO’s range of LT 60W LED drivers provides a cost effective and highly efficient solution for powering LED lamps from a mains supply.

The LT60 LED driver family offers a range of very compact; linear shaped LED drivers. With a cross-section size of H21mm x W30mm and a length of only 240mm they can provide a great solution for a space sensitive application or where access is a challenge and up to 60W is required.

This family also includes a number of SQ variants (H21mm x W60mm x L130mm) for were a different shape is a more convenient solution.

Designed and manufactured in Germany by FRIWO GmbH, a leading power supply company, the LT60 driver series has a large range of devices with different forward voltages and output currents.

The clever design topology means that the drivers can be used as either a Constant Current driver or a Constant Voltage driver (no need to select).

The Range includes devices that offer 24V to 48V if used as a Constant Voltage LED driver or 400mA - 1400mA if used as Constant Current LED Driver. Power output varies from 31W to 38W dependent on the specific part.

These quality drivers come in IP20 packaging, fully SELV and fully approved (CE, EN61347, with ENEC options available).

For dimming you can combine with DIMMBox you get very smooth PWM dimming from 1-10V, DALI or Switch Dim inputs. For more information on how DIMMBox can help with your dimming needs.

All these compact drivers have been designed for quick and easy installation and long life and provide an ideal solution for indoor and outdoor LED lighting applications where space or access is an issue.

The LT60 family also includes a Current selectable LED driver with built in PWM dimming functionality from 10-10V, DALI and Switch DIMM inputs.

With such a range of flexible package styles these Constant Current/Constant Voltage LED drivers can be used in a range of internal applications.

  • Track lighting
  • High bay lighting
  • Street lighting
  • Strip lighting
  • Down lighters
  • Display lighting
  • 2D replacement fittings
  • Architectural lighting
  • Office lighting
  • Street furniture

FRIWO LED Drivers from RS Components