LT60 60W DPA LED Driver

The LT60-42/1400DPA is a DIP selectable Constant Current LED driver providing a very flexible and efficient LED driver solution with 16 current options available. Combined with very smooth PWM dimming from DALI; 1-10V analogue; or Switch DIM input signals this offers a high degree of flexibility in a very compact package.

LT60 60W DPA LED Driver Features

The LED current can be chosen by a manual PRE DIM dip switch in 16 steps which reduces the maximum output power and can compensate for ageing effects on the LED.

  • The maximum LED Current can be chosen by PRE-DIM DIP Switch in 16 Steps from 350 to 1700mA.
    *1700mA - 61.2W       *1600mA - 57.6W
    *1500mA - 54W          *1400mA - 58.8W
    *1300mA - 54.6W       *1200mA - 50.4W
    *1100Ma - 46.2W       *1050mA - 44.1W
    *1000mA - 42W          *900mA - 37.8W
    *800mA - 33.6W         *700mA - 29.4W
    *600mA - 25.2W         *500mA - 21W
    *400mA - 16.8W         *350mA - 14.7W
  • 5 year warranty.
  • Made in Germany.
  • Fastening by Screws, Rivets, Cable Straps.
  • Variably adjustable Strain Relief
  • Minimal Output Tolerances via Laser Trimming
  • 100% Functional & 3,75 kV High Voltage Tests

LT60 60W DPA LED Driver Characteristics

  • Input Range 220-240 V
  • High Efficiency: 86% typ.
  • Power Factor: ≥ 0,98 at full Load
  • Ambient Temperature Range: 0 to 40°C
  • Low Leakage Current: ≤ 250 μA
  • Low Standby Consumption: ≤ 0,4 W
  • Compact package - H30mm x W100 x L170mm
  • Weight: 392 g
  • Continuously Short Circuit Proof
  • Overload-, No-Load- and Over Temperature Protection

LT60 60W DPA LED Driver Approvals




CEC Level V EUP 2 RoHS Bin Approval

LT60 60W DPA LED Driver Compliance

Low Voltage

  • EN61347-1
  • EN62386-102
  • EN62386-207
  • EN61347-2-13
  • EN62348


  • EN55015
  • EN61547
  • EN61000-3-2

Model: LT60-42/1400 DPA
Part Number: 1895499

A manual DIP selectable LED driver with variable Constant Current and Constant Voltage settings. It can you give 350mA - 1700mA if used as a Constant Current driver or 18-42V in Constant Voltage. The device can be dimmed using DALI; 1-10Analogue or SWD and comes in a compact package and provides a very flexible solution to lighting designer’s needs.

Output Detail

* Output Current Tolerance: ±3%

FRIWO LED Drivers from RS Components

LT60 60W DPA LED Driver
LT60 60W DPA LED Driver
LT60 60W DPA LED Driver

FRIWO LED Drivers from RS Components

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