Certified Sustainability, Safety and Quality

Haredata Electronics

Safety & Quality As an assembly and distribution company the quality of our management systems and logistics processes are critical to our current and future success. We were originally awarded BS EN ISO 9001 status in 1994 and have since been revalidated in 2012 with BS EN ISO 9001 2008.


Legislators, customers and employees expect companies to address the question of eco-friendly products and production processes. Using its company-wide systematic quality management, FRIWO constantly and sustainably enhances its global business processes and permanently reviews resources as well as their use.

Certifications as regard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008; TS16949 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2009 are proven to assure an optimal safety standard for all power supplies and chargers at FRIWO.

Safety & Quality

FRIWOs range of LED drivers are all tested to meet the requirements of SELV.

This requires that if the secondary output is touchable by the user, a galvanic isolation between the primary circuit (mains electricity) and the secondary circuit (output voltage) for a safety handling is assured.

SELV - Safety Extra Low Voltage

SELV is a small, electrical voltage that protects against electrical shock due to the low voltage and isolation in comparison to electrical circuits with a higher voltage.

To meet the requirements of SELV the output voltage should not exceed 60 VDC FRIWO sets the max. output voltage at 48 VDC thereby allowing for a potential rise to 55 VDC during failure.

Every device needs to pass a high voltage for user protection. During this test a high voltage of 4 KV is connected to both the primary and secondary conductor (acc. EN 61.347).
Leakage current ≤ 2 mA

Safety & Quality

FRIWOs testing and inspection process ensures all the following standards are met as a minimum.





EN 61347-1
EN 61347-2-13

  1. Security, protection against an electrical impact, thermical behavior in a fault
  2. Special requirements on electrical devices for LED-modules

Mode of operation

EN 62384

  1. Requirements on the mode of operation in combination with the LED


EN 55015

  1. cable conducted stray radiation and emission
    radiated faults by the device


EN 61547

  1. Requirements on the interference resistance


EN 61000-3-2

  1. Retroactive effects into the network by harmonic waves